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Program Philosophy
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Creativity and problem solving
Representing and thinking symbolically
Thinking logically

Understanding and communicating through verbal, non-verbal, and written language
Engaging in stories and songs

Achieving a positive and accurate sense
Behaving in a pro-social way
Taking responsibility for self and others

Achieving fine and gross motor control
Developing awareness about the body, health and nutrition

Developing positive values and morals such as kindness, honesty, helping others, etc.

Program Curriculum

Mililani Presbyterian Preschool focuses on a thematic teaching curriculum. This educational approach prepares children to become lifelong learners in both the academic and social aspect. When developing their curriculum, our teachers are taking into account the child’s individual needs, abilities and developmentally appropriate practices. The hands-on activities and in-depth study of a theme will focus on the core subjects along with social-emotional development.

Did You Know?

Mililani Presbyterian Preschool is constantly striving to become a quality early childhood program.

MPP is licensed through the State of Hawaii Department of Health Services as a qualified group child care center.

Our program is proud to have earned NAEYC Accreditation - the mark of quality for early childhood education programs.

Our curriculum is a thematic teaching curriculum aligned with Hawaii Early Learning and Development Standards (HELDS) and NAEYC.

Parent Satisfaction
"At MPP, we always feel welcome and know that our children are in good hands. Our children LOVE to go to school." - K. Oshiro

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